11 Event blogging master methods to make money [A-Z guide]


Event Blogging complete A to Z guide:

Hey, guys!!! After a long time, I am back with an Event Blogging post with some more useful stuff! So, let’s begin with what exactly Event blogging is,

What is Event Blog?

“A Blog which is created to make money from one month or one-day traffic is called an Event blog.Basically, event niche based blogs are created to make more money in short span of time.”

For example, if we consider New year event, we can create an event based niche blog on that event and can monetize that blog with Google AdSense or with affiliates which are good alternatives to Google AdSense. 

event blogging tips

Many bloggers say that “ In India, there are n number of events that can really helpful for bloggers in monetizing their event based niche keywords and event based niche posts”  I am also making an infographic on list of Indian events for the bloggers who are really eager to start an event blog based on Indian events.

Ok! Let’s get into the 11 Event Blogging Master methods that really make money with your event blog posts on your Event blog.

In this article, I will explain a detailed guide on,

  • Reasons for starting an event blog.
  • Finding Niches for starting an Event Blog.
  • 11 Event Blogging master methods to make money

Reasons for starting an event blog:

Many of us think about why to start an event blog, right? Here is why

Event based niche blogs are the blogs which really makes a huge amount of money in one or two days. Event niche blogs are the temporary blogs. So, most of the experts use Black hat SEO techniques and other spam techniques and rank on the top for the event niche keywords and monetize their content.

So, event based blogs are good in earning money in short span of time with low posts and make money of 5 or 6 months income in one or two days.

# Finding Niche for Starting An EVENT BLOG

Well! You are interested in event niche based blog and make more money. Then what is the niche you need? Here I have listed some niche topics that you can really start your event blog!!!

  1. New year event
  2. Olympics
  3. Results of the academics
  4. Cricket seasons
  5. Valentines day event
  6. Elections events
  7. Movie releases events
  8. Friendship day event
  9. Christmas event

In my next post, I am making a huge list of events that are the best ranking and full traffic event niche keywords especially in India with the clear explanation of the event!

11 Event Blogging master methods on several events

#1 Search for the Event

The primary step in starting event blogging is finding a niche for the event blogs. As I mentioned above a list of some good ranking niche topics. You can select any of the niche having good search terms on the event time and can start event blogging

For example, if you consider New Year Event there are some millions of searches on the search engines with the keywords like,

Happy new year wishes, Newyear greeting pics and etc. So, we may choose new year event as the topic of our event blog.

#2 Choosing a Domain Name

Domain name is the address of your blog on the world wide web. So you need to find a domain name for your event blog.

Hint for better SEO: Search the domain name having your event based keyword in it and make sure it should be maximum of 12-15 characters.

For our example, we can choose a domain like newyear2017eve.com This keyword will rank well in the organic search results. Since the domain name itself a keyword for the event.

 #3 Create your Event Blog

Once you have completed the selection of the domain name you need to create the blog right before 3 or 4 months before the event. Some experts took only a month of time to prepare the event blog and rank well.

Hence it is not important with how old is your blog, It matters how well you do!!

So, Start event blogging by creating the event blog. You need to choose a reliable hosting plan and create a blog as well as social media pages for the same.

Choose a good SEO optimized template and better to go with WordPress.

#4 Event Blogging with Good Stuff

After creating the blog you need to fill the blog with SEO optimized niche keyword blog posts having in it with attractive images will be helpful in event blogging.

Good enough content with the clear theme having a good interface will help in decreasing the bounce rate of the blog. Since bounce rate is one of the major ranking factors.

#5 Placing Ads on your Event Blog

This is the major step where we should play intelligently to make huge money. Placing our affiliate ads or Google AdSense ads on the home page or in the post will be helpful in making $$$ money with event blogging.

Always be patient and read all the terms of the AdSense or the Affiliate program before placing the code on the event blog.

#6. Directory submission of the Event blog

In order to get good traffic, You need to submit your event blogging domain in a minimum of 30 search engine submission sites list will be helpful. For international events, submitting the event URL for more sites will be beneficial.

#7 Commenting 

Once you are ready with all stuff, you need to comment on various blogs on event day that appear in the search results for your niche.

By commenting on those similar keywords search results may helpful in getting traffic from those blogs. This is a better helpful thing in event based niche blogging.

#8.Forum Backlinks in Event blogging

In event niche based blogs it is better to have good quality backlinks and sitewide links to rank higher in the search results.

event blogging A to Z guide

So creating backlinks will be helpful for event blogs. Hence find forums that are related to your event keywords and create backlinks.

#9. Promote your pages on FB with FB ads

This is one of the best tips for event bloggers while they are running event blogs. All you need to promote your facebook fan page using FB ads since this costs very low. Event blogging will be beneficial having huge fans because that really makes good traffic from Facebook.

#10 Making viral Images and Messages

I am involving this tip in Event blogging guide because I have seen some bloggers who get traffic by making viral messages or videos or gifs on WhatsApp or facebook or other social media platforms.

# Enjoy the $$$ and feel happy with Traffic:

The final thing you need to enjoy the $$$ you got from your event based niche blog that you have worked for:-)

Final Words

Nowadays, many bloggers are trying to make money with event blogging but few event bloggers are successful because the mistake is at using the methods. When you properly utilize the time as well as the strategies you will definitely successful.

Finally, I want to conclude that event blogging needs to have good efforts to succeed and event blogging may fail sometimes

Happy event Blogging:-)


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